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Frequently Asked Questions

Vvalnut is a subscription silk flower service. Featuring premium permanent botanicals worth hundreds of dollars (our manufacturer also manufactures for Frontgate, Neiman Marcus, and other high-end home decor brands), you can subscribe to have great luxury flowers in your home all year round.

It's easy - first you fill out your flower preferences, choosing the rooms you wish to decorate and flowers that you enjoy. Our designers will choose flowers for your first Vvalnut* box and send to you shortly afterwards - decorate with the arrangement for the month or season. Enjoy them for the month or season. If you love them, keep them for a discounted price, or exchange them for a new arrangement.

The style quiz is fun! You are presented with a number of flower choices, and you pick your favorites. You then choose what rooms to decorate, and how often you would like to switch your flowers (monthly or seasonally). After that, it's just filling out your address and information before you get your first box!

We use the finest quality hand-painted permanent botanicals, arrange them for you in our California facility, and hand-deliver them to ensure you get the most beautiful flowers, worth hundreds of dollars at retail. They are made by a luxury silk flower manufacturer that also sells to high-end department stores like Gumps, Neiman Marcus, Ethan Allen, and Frontgate.

They are robust and beautiful, never needing maintenance or water, and are inspected and refreshed every time we exchange the flowers.

Our chief designer was the former president of the American Institute of Floral Designers and has won countless awards and accolades for his flower design prowess. Under his direction and using your style quiz to guide us, we choose flowers that will work best for your home and style preferences - often sending you exact flowers you choose during the style quiz.

You sure can - a Vvalnut* subscription makes a great gift, bringing your friends and loved ones beauty and inspiration every month, without burdening them with hassle, cleanup, or worry. You can find out more at

Pricing is simple - $50/month if you want to exchange your flowers for new ones every month, or $30/month if you only want to exchange your flowers every season (every 3 months). If you subscribe for a longer term, you can benefit from a discounted subscription fee!

Yes, cancel anytime by calling 650 285 3308 or by emailing We will pick up your flowers at the end of the subscription term, or schedule a pick up and pro-rate the remaining subscription fee.

We want you to love your flowers. Let us know right away, and we can update your flower preferences so that you will get flowers that you enjoy next month. If you wish to return them right away, reject the delivery and we will send you a new arrangement without a fee. If you accept the flowers and wish to change them afterwards, there will be a $20 exchange fee for redelivery and exchange.

Our flowers are robust and unlikely to break. However, if you are concerned about damage to the flowers, we offer a damage waiver program per month that will keep you from being liable for the damages. If you do not purchase the damage waiver and the flowers are destroyed you will be charged for the flowers upon inspection.

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What is Vvalnut?

Vvalnut* is a subscription silk flower service that sends you a new arrangement to exchange every month or season. We use the finest quality hand-painted permanent botanicals, arrange them for you in our California facility, and hand-deliver them to ensure you get the most beautiful flowers. The next month, we bring your new arrangement to exchange with your old one. If you love your arrangement, you can keep it for a discount off retail price.